After two years of waiting it was finally time for the Photokina 2014, the world’s largest trade fair for photographic and imaging industries. It was our first time at this amazing fair with endless new things to discover. It’s incredible to see the whole world of photography coming together in one place.

Although we could barely walk after 7 hours of looking at galleries, checking out new technologies and drowning in a sea of thousands of visitors, it was one hell of a day!

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The Remix Challenge

It’s pretty common for musicians to create a remix of someone else’s track. They usually keep certain elements of the original song, but change it in a way that it features their very own signature. It’s a really exciting way to create new art. So why not try this with photography?

If you want to see how Martin Dietrich and Marius Vieth reedited the above shown photos klick here.

Marius Vieth

Martin Dietrich